William Hurley

-William Hurley works as a violinist/violist, teacher of violin/viola, repairman of stringed instrument bows (trained by Geo Kloppel), and maker of violins and violas. He lives in the woods just south of Danby, NY where he plays Irish fiddle/bodhran, gardens, and feeds the local crows.


-Music’s Recreation – Ithaca, NY (violin/viola/secretary)

-Binghamton Philharmonic – Binghamton, NY (violin)

-Tri-Cities Opera – Binghamton, NY (violin)

-Tarragon Duo – Ithaca, NY (violin/viola) with guitarist Matt Ocone

-Piano trio – Ithaca, NY (violin/viola) with Karen Melamed Smith/piano and Elisa Evett/cello

-Various chamber music collaborations (violin/viola) with John Bunge/banjo, and others

-Community School of Music and Arts – Ithaca, NY (teacher of violin/viola)

-First Street Music Studios – Ithaca, NY (teacher of violin/viola)

-William Hurley, Bows – Willseyville, NY (repair of stringed instrument bows)